Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Art for Sale; Renovation 2011 Art Show

As I have put a short notice on my website, I will have my drawings displayed for sale at the Art Show in this year's Worlcon; Renovation 2011.
Unfortunately I will not be attending the con myself, but mailed them in.

"Black Knight in Hiding"
"Brian de Bois-Guilbert"
"Anglo-Saxon Warrior"
"Leonidus vs Tiger"
...and three more.

All original ink, and one pencil, drawings.
Maybe I set the starting price (for bidding) too high even for original drawing... mmm oh well. Yes I'm a bit nervous...not that I care much about the sales or price,
but, the first time? Always makes you nervous, isn't it. ;-P

Anyway, please come and have a look! They are so messy you'll laugh.